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What Is The Best Pregnancy Stretch Mark Remedy?

The best stretch mark remedy is not being bothered by your stretch marks.  Stretch marks on men and women are often one of the prices we pay for being alive.  Other "prices" include cellulite, grey hair and acne.  Unlike acne, however, which you can do something about, you can’t do much about a stretch mark.  The best stretch mark remedy is similar to the best cellulite remedy.  The best you can do is to cover up the appearance of it and not do anything to aggravate the appearance or slow down the natural fading process.  

Is There Such Thing As A Pregnancy Stretch Mark Remedy?

According to such prestigious medical facilities as The Mayo Clinic, the best stretch mark remedy is time.  Eventually, your stretch marks will fade and get thinner.  They do not recommend any homemade or store bought pregnancy stretch mark remedy.  The only quick pregnancy stretch mark remedy is also a controversial one – laser surgery.  Your stretch marks have to be a brownish or reddish color in order for lasers to have any effect.

Time Is On Your Side

According to the latest medical science, time is the best stretch mark remedy that you will ever find.  Eventually, your stretch marks will fade and get thinner, much in the same way that scars do over the years.  Even you are considering cosmetic surgery as the best stretch mark remedy, keep in mind that even the latest laser surgery can’t do anything for old, white or flesh-colored stretch marks.

Newest Therapy - Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion is being touted as the best stretch mark remedy, but even the results are mixed, at best.  This is based on the theory that if exfoliating your skin is the best way to remove dirt, then scrubbing it with finely ground crystals is even better.  This removed your skin's top layer, and so can be painful.  This is used by itself or in combination with laser surgery.

The Advantages Of Laser Stretch Mark Treatment

There are a few advantages of using laser surgery as a pregnancy stretch mark remedy, provided that you are a good candidate for laser surgery.  This is an outpatient procedure and often doesn't require any overnight stay.  Although all people recover in different times, generally the recovery period for laser surgery is less than that of traditional cosmetic surgery as a pregnancy stretch mark remedy.

Another advantage is that there usually is less loss of blood in laser surgery as opposed to traditional surgery.  Any chance of a major loss of blood can have lethal consequences.  Many doctors also think that there is less of a chance for you to get infected than with traditional surgery because the incisions needed are so much smaller.  Many people who get laser surgery claim that there's not a lot of pain.

The Disadvantages Of Laser Treatment Of Stretch Marks

The major disadvantage of using laser surgery as a pregnancy stretch mark remedy is that it is so expensive.  You may need to get a loan in order to pay for the laser surgery.  Many clinics take credit cards, but then you would have a whopping great bill on your credit card.  However, it still might be cheaper to use the credit cared in the long run than taking out a loan or using the clinic's financing plan (if they offer one).

Part of the reason for this high cost is that you often need a few procedures instead of just one surgery.  This can cause problems in scheduling as well as in expectations for results.  This is not a 100% guaranteed procedure, even if you, your surgeon and your doctor think that you are an excellent choice for laser surgery.  

Stretch Mark Treatments You Can Try At Home

There are many things you can do to reduce the appearance of your marks, as well as help all of the other parts of your body.  You need to drink plenty of water, eat a variety of healthy foods and exercise regularly.  You need to not smoke and avoid second hand smoke (because it interferes with your body's circulation and skin repair).  You also need to stay as far away from alcoholic beverages as you can (for the same reasons as you need to stay away from tobacco smoke).

And, most of all, you need top not obsess about your appearance.  If you don’t work in a profession where you need to show some skin, then don’t worry about your stretch marks.  Feeling comfortable within your own skin – whether it has stretch marks or not – is a sign of true physical and emotional health.  Don’t let anyone pressure you to remove your stretch marks if you're not bothered by them.

Please do not use this article or any other article in the place of your doctor's diagnosis.  A good cosmetic surgeon will refuse to do any procedure on you if your doctor thinks that you are a poor candidate for surgery.  Your surgeon and your doctor must cooperate.

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