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How To Be A Successful Blogger

Originally the internet was designed as a means of sharing information with individuals of all nationalities, ages and creeds. There was email as a means of communication so one could send an electronic letter to a friend who was millions of miles away. Online chat overtook this so you could talk to the friend without it costing a fortune, and soon Skype initiated the webcam so you could see him/her as well. We won't go into social networking as that is an article on its own, but one truly exciting feature which allowed individual expression on the internet was that of the blog.

Traditionally the blog has been viewed as an online journal whereby individuals could discuss different topics from relationships to their favorite type of music. Nowadays it is used as an online business tool from an online portfolio to a marketing website. The greatest appeal of using blogging platforms is the 'ready-to-use' structure which is often free of charge, being the most popular for business purposes. However, for a blogger to have success in this over populated blogging world he/she must employ some successful blogging tips.

Matching the themes

Tip: Don't go overboard with SEO keywords, extra plugins, advertising, or pictures. This will only cause you to get flagged by search engines and make it harder to find you.

It is vitally important that one consider the theme or content of your blog and find a fitting background. It's all good and well to set up an online photographic portfolio promoting wedding pictures, but if you have a vampire background you will not receive any business. Business ventures should consider the set business themes available and personal blogs can use vampire themes.

Have a game plan

Creating a particular plan of action when beginning a blog is essential, whether it be a business venture or personal blog. Personal blogs may be a little more flexible in their direction; however it is necessary to determine what sort of content you wish to post and what the target audience will be. Your design and the style of writing must be created to suit the particular target group. For example, teenagers will respond to discussions of converse jeans and emo hair than would a 40-year-old English literature professor.

The content itself

The internet is filled with an increasing number of blogs and websites based on a blogging structure. While physical advertisements do draw a large amount of readers it is word of mouth and social networking referrals which will boost the number of fans and 'likes'. It is important one make an impression with quality content or face abandonment and a lack of readership.


All websites begin at the bottom with no readers and no reputation. It is only through a strong marketing strategy that one will gain readers and referrals.

Firstly, advertise wherever you can! Develop a graphic link to your website and post it on your social networking sites. Establishing relationships with other blogging sites within the particular platform you are using is also another strong marketing tool. This just requires commenting on a post. Another strong tool is to send your referral link in emails.

In conclusion, blogging can be a great deal of fun and a strong method of running a business. In order to achieve success you must follow some simple guidelines and have fun with it.

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