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Buying a Guitar as a Gift for Someone Special in Your Life

There are many holidays or occasions when we are at a lost for ideas on what to give as a present to family and friends. Then, why not consider buying a guitar as a gift for someone who is musically inclined? Is it not wonderful to hear something pleasant out of something you gave as a present? However, how do you go about choosing the right guitar for that special person?


Selecting the right kind of guitar is not as easy as one may think. There are many variables when buying a guitar as a gift or even for your personal use. It is even more difficult if you do not play the guitar yourself because you are bound to encounter guitar stuffs that are totally unknown to you. Nevertheless, if you are a guitarist, it makes you qualified to choose a decent guitar for the lucky person receiving it.

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Acoustic or Electric Guitar


There are always the advantages and disadvantages in buying either an acoustic or electric guitar. Electric guitars are easier to use because the height of the strings can be set accordingly. With low action and softer strings, beginners can comfortably fret chords without experiencing pain on their fingertips.


On the other hand, acoustic guitars have heavy strings. Oftentimes, the pain felt on the fingertips when playing an acoustic guitar can lead to the loss of interest in going through the guitar lesson. However, acoustic guitars are cheaper compared to electric guitars which need some attached equipment like an amplifier before they can be played.


Size and Style of Guitar


The age and size of the gift recipient dictates the size of the guitar to be purchased. If the lucky person is below 12 and the size is just about the age, buy him using the standard guitar scale. The scale length must be measured to match the size of the player’s hand. As terms of reference, the scale length is the length of the strings that span from the nut to the bridge of the guitar. If the player has small hands and short fingers it is logical to give him a short-scale guitar.


The style of the guitar can also be based upon the musical genre of the player. If the leaning is towards rock music, there are various shapes to choose from the popular to the outlandish contours. However, make sure that beyond these cool shapes comfort comes first and that the guitar has the perfect fit to be played whether sitting down or standing up.


How much must your gift cost?


There are two reasons for buying a guitar as a gift that can be costly. Firstly, you want to make sure you get a high-quality guitar that can perform at par. Secondly, you do not want to give something cheap that cannot create beautiful sound. Either of the two, there is the temptation to pay for an expensive instrument because you want to please the recipient with something worth a treasure.


If you have the budget, go for the high-quality guitar manufactured by reputable guitar makers. Despite the expensive tag you can be assured your gift has solid make to impress your recipient. Nevertheless, if you are on a tight budget, you can always scout for cheaper alternatives like buying a second-hand but high-quality guitar. There are good choices from online shopping stores. However, be sure to transact only with credible suppliers. Seek advice from a certified guitar player before making a purchase.


Gifts are tangible things to strengthen special bonds between people. What more can be better than buying a guitar as a gift for someone who has passion for playing this musical instrument? It is the best proof that you know exactly what that special person in your life deserves.

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