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Capitalizing on Authentic Masterpieces When Buying a Guitar as an Investment

Some people are into buying a guitar as an investment. Investment guitars are called as such because they are bought for a low price and then sold for a higher price. There is an active market for this musical instrument especially among serious performers and collectors. Although the demand is higher for vintage, hand-made or limited edition guitars, there is also a market for rare electric guitars, which are truly delightful to own and play.


The intrinsic workmanship of electric guitars makes them a sound investment whether as a tool to be used in a musical career or for personal enjoyment. With the different types, models and brands in the market, you need to have the acumen in determining their values and resale values. However, when it comes to buying a guitar as an investment, the best idea is to deal with established and reputable guitar manufacturers or brokers to be assured that you are getting high-quality guitars that you can sell hot as pancakes. Although there are no absolute rules that can dictate what is to become more valuable in the future, it is safe to look for qualities popularized by high-end guitar makers.

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Investing in the Best Guitars in Town


Fender Stratocaster


Fender has many guitars in its stable with Stratocaster leading the pack. The Stratocaster is usually mistaken with its inexpensive lookalike Starcaster. In fact, there are other copycats trying to look like a Stratocaster and they even have a fake Fender sticker on them. To check their authenticity, log on to Fender’s website and find out if the serial number is listed. If not or there is nothing at all you have been warned.


• American Stratocasters – Among all Fender guitars, the American-built are tagged the most expensive. However, there are authentic cheaper versions called the Highway One. There are many variations and they have different price range. The customized models are even more expensive because they have different configurations. For example, the SSS model has three single coil pick-ups while the HSS has a single humbucker. All American Stratocasters are made of fine Rosewood or Maple.


• Mexican Stratocasters – These Mexican-made Fenders called Fender Standard Stratocaster are cheaper than the American-built because there are different pick-ups and pots. Their HSS has two single coil pick-ups and single humbucker unlike the common feature of three single coil pick-ups. Nevertheless, the other editions and versions are more costly than the standard Mexican Stratocaster.


• Squier Stratocasters – In the 1980’s, Squiers were being manufactured in Japan. In the next century, they were built in India. Today, these Stratocasters are made in the Asian countries of China, Korea, and Indonesia. These Fender guitars are less expensive, but they have retained the quality that makes Fender a known name in the guitar world. There are many different models from the Bullet, which is the cheapest to the Classic Vibe whose quality can be compared to the Mexican Stratocasters. Many Squier imitations are out in the market but they are not allowed to use the name Stratocaster.


• MIM Squier Series – A Fender guitar assembled in different parts of the world. Mexico pastes the “Squier Series” sticker on the American bodies and neck. With Mexican pick-ups, the electronic parts and hardware came from Squier in Asia. Despite this assortment of parts and long production line crossing continents, the guitars are of good quality and the price is cheaper than the original Squier guitar.


Gibson Les Paul


In the league of Fender, Gibson Les Paul is also an iconic guitar maker with different versions and many clones that pale in comparison. The body is traditionally made from mahogany, the cap from maple, and the fretboards from either rosewood or ebony. Its usual features consist of two humbucker pick-ups, a three-way switch, two-volume and tone knobs. Les Paul guitars, particularly the Black Beauty, are heavier than other standard guitars because of their mahogany material, but the other models, particularly the Studio, are lighter. Les Paul also manufacture customized and signature models.


Buying a guitar as an investment demands a more thorough insight. The guitar world thrives with fakes, some badly done, and some perfectly done that even experts can be fooled. However, knowing the qualities of the original masterpieces can help you pick the real ones that can provide a good investment return for your money.

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