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How to Secure Your Computer System

You have recently acquired a brand new computer and you want to make sure that you can use it for a long time. How can you protect your unit from harm and keep it running smoothly?

You can do a few things to secure your computer system.

Primarily, setting a secure password is necessary. Switching the new computer on will lead you to the installation process. Along the way, you will be required to create a username and account. Some users attempt to shorten the required time by leaving the password blank. This can be risky, especially if another person gets hold of your computer because he or she can quickly access all your data. This is the main reason why having a password for your administrator account should not be dismissed.

After booting the computer up, you will have to begin patching. The process can be different for Windows and Mac users so do some research if you have no idea how to do it. Be sure to follow the instructions well because this will be essential towards increasing your computer’s security. Most of the time, you will have to go through several patching processes but do not make the error of skipping it. You have to do it until all updates have been downloaded to your unit.

Of course, securing your computer system can be effectively done as you install security software. Although patching can help a lot in blocking several viruses, there are new viruses that could come up and you have to ensure that you have adequate protection against them. It’s always better to go with a paid version but there’s no harm in trying the free options. That way, you will have the opportunity to test and compare different programs. Deciding which one will be best for you will be easier. Just be sure to download updates regularly so your unit stays protected all the time.

Setting up a password manager is another idea to ensure that your computer stays secure. If you are like most users, you probably have different passwords for different accounts. This is wise because using the same password increases the likelihood of being hacked. Password manager software will help eliminate the difficulty of memorizing each one. You can immediately log in to your accounts without having to figure out which password you used for it.

Make it a point to update your Windows and MS Office as needed. The latest fixes are essential. Actually, the same thing can be said about different software products that you use such as Mozilla Firefox, Adobe Reader, Flash plug-ins and more. You can enable automatic updates on your computer if you want to minimize the hassle.

It also makes sense to stay away from some harmful sites. The World Wide Web is definitely vast and you have to be very careful where you go. Some sites out there intend to access personal information on your computer so be cautious not to let that happen. Avoid sites that offer commercial software serial numbers, keygens, and the likes. Having plug-ins like the AVG LinkScanner or WOT can be an excellent way to stay protected.

Do not open email attachments or click links whenever you received messages from unknown sources. Many hackers will try to get into your system by enticing you to download or click things that they send. Securing your computer system means automatically deleting such messages. Do not bother replying even if your intention is to ask them to stop sending you these materials. That will only confirm to them that they have reached a valid account and they will continue spamming you using different email addresses.

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