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How to Create an Impressive Customer Service Resume

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Like all other resumes, a customer service resume needs to include information on the academic, job experiences, and relevant skills required in the position applied for. Apart from the application letter, the resume is considered an introductory way of letting the potential employer gets a glimpse of an applicant’s qualifications.

Creating an impressive customer service resume can be complicated especially knowing that it is going to be subjected for review by the hiring manager. A resume that communicates well can bring in the desired result, but the structure or format of the resume counts since it can reveal a lot about an applicant. When writing the resume it is important to be clear, consistent, and accurate by using simple and concise words. Do not try to make an impact with intricate details that can be otherwise presented in a less complicated style. Write a resume that has undergone several revisions and updating to make sure it includes all recent information.

Pointers to Consider when Writing Resumes

• Use a Basic Font. Choose a font that is easy to read. Do not present a resume that is written with overly intricate fonts that can be mistaken as a wedding invitation.

• Review Resume Samples. Get ideas from resume samples that thrive in the internet. It is possible to find a match from among the countless examples designed for various employment situations.

• Include only the Essential Information. Prioritize what is needed to be contained in the resume so that only the most important and relevant information is listed. Make sure to highlight the key accomplishments and disregard unimportant details.

• Choose the Right Format. Select a style and format from several samples or templates of resumes to pattern a customer service resume that highlights strengths and achievements. However, if the desire is to stand out from among all other applicants’ resume, a customized resume can be designed to present information in chronological or functional way. A customized resume definitely requires creativity, but it can be worth the effort and time spent in matching information with the target job.

• Personalize the Objective. It is important to adapt your objective to fit in the job or position being applied for. The more specific or clear in presenting your goals, the greater chance of being offered the job.

• Use Keywords. The resume must include the keywords appearing in the job descriptions. This increases the chances of being selected as a match for the available position thus you can gain an edge in being prioritized for the interview phase. Use the same keywords in the cover letter to maintain consistency.

• List down Contact Information. Make sure to have complete contact information to enable the employers to communicate with you easily. Provide full details of your personal information such as full name, home address, telephone numbers, and email address.

• Follow Instructions when Submitting the Resume. Generally, employers require applicants to email their resume. It is important to abide by the given instructions on how to submit the required documents. Know how to send email attachments correctly especially if employers specify certain formats, typically in PDF or as Word document, to make sure the documents are received and read.

Working in customer service oriented jobs demand excellent communication and social skills. When applying for a job, make sure that the resume reflects these qualifications to provide employers with a hint that they may already be dealing with an applicant that fits the position. Consider making an initial draft then modify the content to match perfectly with the job being applied for.

Sound enthusiastic and specific with your intention of working for the company. Present your valuable qualifications that the company may consider as assets in case you get hired. Make the customer service resume speak well about you, for in most cases, it is the first and the last thing to grab the employer’s attention.

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