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How to Become a Fashion Designer

By Andrew Wilson

Andrew Wilson

A designer ends a fabulous fashion show with the grand finale: walking the runway. Many people believe that this is the true life of a fashion designer. However, most people do not know that not all fashion designers are ones who have fashion shows and have their own boutiques; fashion designers have to start from somewhere. For those people who are interested in knowing more about how to become a fashion designer, this article will cover some steps and tips to begin the journey to being the sensationalized fashion designer.

First up, one must understand that aside from the famous fashion designers there are also other designers who are not in the limelight but whose shoes are quite difficult to fill. It is not all about fashion shows and fashion week in New York or Paris; it takes a lot of hard work. A fashion designer can work for themselves, like most famous designers, others start working for midsized companies while others work for international fashion brands and businesses. Being a fashion designer can seem like a dream but it really takes passion and commitment and not a whim to be able to pursue and succeed in this career path. Here are some tips to get started in this endeavor.

Choose a Strategy

There are different ways to jumpstart one’s career when it comes to the world of design. It is good to know that some of the most successful and well known designers of today started out by selling their merchandise to shopping malls and boutiques before they ventured out on their own. Most experts would agree that if fashion is one’s passion, getting a degree preferably in fine arts is essential. Aside from this, getting the degree from a prestigious institution would be an added bonus to one’s portfolio.

Apply to a School

There are loads of schools that offer a degree in fashion design, to create the best resume, one should set their eyes in getting in to the best fashion schools. Since the competition for slots in these schools is quite high, it is best to really prepare before applying to these schools. Sewing and sketching are really necessary to be able to get in, so practice on these two skills to create the best portfolio. Also keep in mind to entice the admissions officer with your talent, if you cannot draw that well think of different ways to showcase your talent and passion for the craft.

fashion gives fun opportunities

What Will School Provide You?

Some people may think that they could just study fashion and venture out on their own without proper fashion education. Although it may work for some people, it is quite rare. It will not hurt to try and get great tips from the best designers in the industry. Prestigious schools offer great packages for their students, there are times when world famous designers have classes for the students. This is the best time to learn from the best if one really wants to become a fashion designer. Aside from that, the best schools have fashions shows during the last semester where different scouts will be present trying to find the hottest new talent to launch. This opportunity is something that can be difficult to get if one is not getting a degree from a prestigious school.

Set Your Goals and Understand the Fashion Business

One must make sure that they are certain in to become a fashion designer if they will enroll in these prestigious design schools. If only being a part of the fashion industry is the goal, then perhaps one should get a different degree or perhaps getting an internship in a fashion house can be tried.

Aside from goal setting and prioritizing, a successful designer must understand the business. This mean learning how the industry works, at the end of the day this venture is about business and earning money for a living. Talent could only get one so far, but being business minded can take one to the top.

There are loads of schools that offer a degree in fashion design, to create the best resume, one should set their eyes in getting in to the best fashion schools.

school can be fun

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