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How You Can Write High Converting Autoresponder Messages

Email has become such an Internet marketing essential it is hard to survive the business without it. Marketers could hardly leave their offices lest they miss an important email or they fail to make an immediate response. These days, it is a great relief that gadgets, apps, tools, and software programs are making the task simpler and the information more accessible through hand-held gadgets. Autoresponders are among the blessings of technology that works to make sending and responding to emails more efficient. Nevertheless, for this to work, one must know how to write an autoresponder message properly.

There is this great debate about the use of automation in answering emails and posts in the social media. Traditionally, these were being personally responded to until such time that the volume has gone up to the point that manually doing it is a nightmare. Despite automation, however, one can maintain some personalized touch to eliminate the “cliché” responses that recipients hate about emails from autoresponders.

It can’t be helped; autoresponders can make your life simpler. If you must use this automating tool, here are some suggestions to make your autoresponder message less “automatic-sounding.”

• You emails are to be sent to all your prospective clients regardless of gender, age, nationality, etc. It is important to make it suitable for all possible recipients.

• Do not share personal information in your emails especially personal contact information. Thus, do not also ask too about such information from them. The online market is quite wary considering the scams that abound in the Internet.

• Proofread your message to make sure that you are sending an email message that fits your purpose and meets your goal. Mistakes must be avoided at all cost. This mistake can cost you as it gets to your readers, loyal followers, prospective donors, and employers.

• Make sure that your message is replete with the information that you want to share and written in the briefest way possible. Don’t waste the time of your readers with very wordy messages. Well thought emails are straightforward and meaningful.

• If you are planning to take a leave and can’t be available for a while, inform your readers. Inform them when you are expected to return and who to contact in your absence.

• Avoid using clichés when you are writing your emails. Clichés make the message too automatic. People like reading mails that bear some semblance of familiarity and concern from the email writer.

• Send emails during special occasions like Christmas, New Year or even birthdays if you keep a record of birthdays of your clients and loyal followers.

• Always provide value to the message. This can be done by wrapping it in content. It is easier to convert customers when you present the value – how to solve a problem or concern they have. As an expert that deserves the trust of their readers, you must be able to show that you can solve the problems of the people in your niche. This is why your readers are turning to you. It is important to sell because that is why you are in the Internet in the first place. However, do not be blatant about your purpose; wrap it in content.

• Make a killer headline. Grabbing the attention of your reader is always important. You can do that by a headline that tells it all and compels one to read more. If your headline cannot do that in five seconds, it will be hard to keep your reader from wanting to read what else is there in the message.

An autoresponder message only serves your purpose if those emails can be read and acted upon by the recipients. It is useless if it cannot make your readers want to read your message. Thus, having an autoresponder is a great help in Internet marketing, but use it tactically to maximize its benefits.

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