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Simplified Steps to Effective Copywriting

Good copywriting does not necessarily involve good writing skills yet it takes intelligence to write good copy. It is difficult to create copy that is easy to understand and digest. Good copywriting means less talk yet means many things. Good copy must be simple yet encompassing the whole essence of the product, service, or ideas. Effective copywriting must be logical yet able to connect directly with the reader's emotions. 

Every copywriter knows the basics, but it is altogether a different matter to know how to create the desired impact that stimulates action. Effective copywriting is not about big words. It is about using the right words to deliver a message. How can a copywriter achieve this style?

Identify the user. The first step involves knowing and understanding the customer and meeting their expectations. Regardless of style, form, and medium, it is extremely important to penetrate the mind of the reader and speculate what they think, need and prefer. How will the product be beneficial to them? What will make them choose your product over the others? 

Knowing the market means knowing the real target market. Getting to know the real audience can help you in creating copy that directly speaks to them. Everything has to be about the customer. Appeal to their senses and let them know the product or service is for them. For example, when selling a product or service that applies to parents, make your copy directly sells not to executives or students but to parents. Take the time to study and know the audience well and always hit them at the right spot.

Know the product well. After knowing who the real audience is, the next step in effective copywriting is to tailor the product according to their needs and expectations. You may be writing for an insurance package, which is totally a non-familiar area to you. However, it is extremely important to find out how to lead potential clients into buying a package by studying the key features and benefits needed to be highlighted in the copy. 

It matters to know the good points of what you sell as well as the weak points of the competitors. What does the product or service provide that others do not? It is not about bringing out the negatives of the other party but it is in emphasizing your product’s strongest points that will give the users an edge when they choose it. Capitalize on the strong features of your product to create an impression that customers get more value than when they buy from the competitors.

Have a call to action. Create a pitch that caters to the emotions of the reader to evoke an immediate response from them. Make them feel good in knowing that the copy addresses them and knows what they want and need. Make a realistic offer acceptable to them in a tone that sounds credible and supported by satisfied users. This encourages them to take a closer look and consider buying the product or service to take advantage of the benefits presented in the copy. 

Effective copywriting does not have to be dressed in flowery typeface. It is enough for the message to stand on its own without being drowned by heavy worded sales language. Consumers need to relate with certain products or services that match their needs and comfort their sensibilities. Thus, it is important to do the legwork in knowing the market and the product before a competent copywriter will be able to rally his audience into buying what he sells. 


Common Copywriting Mistakes Every Copywriter Must Avoid

Copywriters act like spokespersons hiding behind the text of products, services, or ideas. They use their creative writing skill in producing content to promote and advertise a company or organization and build up its image on the web. Since the advent of the Internet, copywriting has become one of the most effective campaign tools that can give credence to a site. However, it can also cause a business’ downfall when copywriting mistakes are committed that can result to irreparable damages.

Copywriters have the challenging job of creating attention-grabbing pages. While it helps to develop unique style and to know all the guidelines to become effective, it also pays to know some of the most common mistakes to avoid. Although there is an adage that says to err is only human, committing one can be a very costly price to pay when it happens at any point in the copywriting career.


Big Copywriting Mistakes and No-no’s

Keeping stale content in the website. Stale contents are the reasons why websites plummet down in page ranking. To avoid this always fill the website with fresh and updated content to hold subscribers’ interest glued to the page. It can also attract more visitors to your site and may potentially add up to your subscription list. Search engines consider this as an indication of an established fan base and use this factor to merit higher page ranking.

• Saying too much or too little. The purpose of content writing is to reach out to as many people as possible. This suggests the importance of creating a language that can be understood by the targeted audience in general. Copywriting demands promoting a product, service or idea in its whole essence, but it also requires the use of right words in explaining everything. It means avoiding saying too much with the use of jargon and flowery language that can only confuse the minds of readers and affect their decision. Beating around the bush can turn off readers especially when excessive technical vocabulary is used. 

On the other hand, playing safe with too little can leave the audience wanting for more information. Copywriting is the art of effective communication in clear and precise wordings. Find the right amount of copy to stir readers to do the required action on the page.

Creating ho-hum titles. One of the objectives of copywriting is to stimulate the interest of the readers. This can be achieved if the title itself is intriguing enough to hold the readers struck in thought and compel them to continue scanning the page. Using a boring title and not striking to the interest can render the content as a minor page to be omitted. Instead, create a headline that has value and can speak for itself. As the first thing that greets the readers, the headline must serve as the first reason why they must read on.

Overshadowing the business. Copywriters are making a copy campaigning for a business. One of the serious copywriting mistakes commonly committed is the tendency of some copywriters to become too personal in their content. The pitch can sometimes lead awareness to their writing skills rather than about the product, service, or idea. Clients are not after the copywriter but on what can make their lives better. Hence, self-centric writing must become market-centric by focusing on the features and benefits to convert customers to become more interested in what is being promoted.

• Using unfriendly visuals. Readers are more inclined to enjoy a page that is easy to the eyes. Saturated paragraphs without any breaks are exhausting to read. Heavy texts that appear as technical reports intimidate readers who are not likely to spend time in reading each line. Bullets, highlights, or bold texts are good concepts to pull the eye from weighty content. It is also best to support the copy with relevant images that can easily connect with the readers.

Copywriting can be more effective if done correctly. Nevertheless, if these copywriting mistakes are committed, the purpose for which it was developed in the first place is rendered useless. Whether you have been in the profession for years or just starting to establish a career in copywriting, it helps to avoid or correct these boo-boos fast in order to achieve fruitful success in the advertising world. 


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