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Problems With The Toilet In Your Home

Common toilet problems are the most frequent calls that plumbers receive. There are few areas of the home that are more important. When it runs continuously, backs up, does not flush or starts to leak, it usually has to be fixed immediately. Even if the toilet is still in working condition, you could be sending a lot of money down the drain wasting water. This is not one of the favorite home improvement areas, but it is one of the easiest to fix. Use the ideas below to get you started with the project.

Tip: You can easily fix noisy pipes. Exposed pipes need to be anchored.

A clogged toilet is a frequent problem. They can back up because they are not flushing properly or there is a clogged pipe. If you have not already tried, use a plunger to try to dislodge the clog. This usually will do the trick for smaller blockages. If this does not work, it is time to try using a plumbers snake. This tool will get into the pipes and help dislodge or remove any blockages. If you have a toilet that is habitually clogging, talk to your kids to see if they have put anything in the toilet or try limiting the amount of what you flush down the toilet. If the snake does not work, you may have to call a plumber.

Tip: You don't want to end up with frozen pipes, so take preventive action, such as wrapping outside pipes with insulation, and keeping indoor temperatures above freezing at all times. The pipes may freeze if the surrounding temperature drops below freezing.

A leaking toilet can be a difficult problem to diagnose and fix. If there is water on the floor of the bathroom, it could be from a leak in the incoming plumbing, condensation from the tank, a bowl that has become jarred or a broken toilet gasket underneath. Carefully examine the toilet and try to locate where the water is coming from. Visibly inspect the pipes and check for condensation. If you see visible leaks from the pipes in back, replace them. If you cannot see where the water is coming from, call a plumber to help.

Tip: Pump your septic tank about once every five years, to make sure it is working well. Deposit and debris build up in your tank can result in major problems.

The continuously running toilet is a very common problem. The inner workings of the toilet are not designed to last forever. The rubber and silicone seals degenerate over time. Luckily this is one of the easiest areas of toilet repair to take care of yourself. First remove the back lid of the tank. Usually it is the seal in the toilet valve that is causing the water to go into the toilet after it has filled. It could be the ball cock, the flap or the chain is damaged. You should be able to tell exactly what is wrong just by taking off the tank lid. Remember to shut off the water before you remove any of the parts. Take them to the local home improvement store and match them up for a replacement.

If you cannot solve any of these problems yourself, it may be time to call a plumber to help. If you feel that the problem is a minor one, try fixing it yourself. Usually the entire toilet assembly is less than $30 and can save you a very expensive service call from a plumber.

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