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Using A Blogging Platform To Support Online Portfolio

I began studying art when I was about 16-years-old. I truly love the subject and find the Renaissance artists in particular a true inspiration. At that time the only individual who believed I had a chance at achieving my dream of being a world famous artist was my art teacher. She said I had true potential and should embrace my gift. I am glad for her otherwise I would not have pursued the art career I have today.

I remember my teacher instructing me to build my portfolio from a young age so I had some work to show employers when looking for an artistic position. I remember this massive portfolio I carried to all interviews I attended. The large black art books assisted me in obtaining this post with a theatrical group where I was required to draw backdrops for the different scenes. It was enjoyable but not what I was aiming to achieve with my life.

I continued searching for that top artist position and continued attending different job interviews. In 2006 I attended an interview with my large portfolio packed to the brim with some of my best works. I was very excited as I knew I had the correct experience and skills to benefit the position and I was going to let the employer know it! However, they were less than impressed when they saw me enter with this massive hard copy portfolio. I remember leaving feeling apprehensive but eager to receive a letter offering some sort of employment.

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A few weeks later I received a letter from the company in question stating that they appreciated my attendance of the interview and unfortunately located a more apt candidate. I was disappointed and deflated, especially when I read their recommendation that I consider setting up an online portfolio instead of presenting the archaic hard copy format. It was at that point that I began exploring the options of online portfolios.

I had never divulged in the world of blogging before thinking it was only appropriate for personal bloggers who wished to discuss daily activities and relationships. However, upon further perusal I discovered one could publish and promote work using different blogging platforms. Furthermore, the blog in itself could be a work of art providing potential employers a further insight into my artistic abilities.

I set up my own blog almost immediately with I found a particular theme that suited my style of art and personality placing it as my background for the online portfolio. It was all so simple and the blog was up within 24 hours. All I needed was to scan in my hard copy graphics.

It is over six months later and I am proud to note that I have received several employment opportunities via this blog. Truthfully not all of them are paid and the majority are with smaller independent projects, but I am working in settings I enjoy with individuals I respect and admire. I have also begun exploring the abilities of online graphic art. With the blogging platform as a means of promoting and expressing my finished products I am sure these will get me somewhere as well.

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