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What Are The Common Reasons For Divorce?

The number of couples getting a divorce seems to increase everyday. And it isn’t just in Hollywood. While people who get married have different personalities and have problems of their own, there are common reasons for divorce. Perhaps, knowing these things will help people determine some red flags even before they get married. In this way, they can already talk things over as early as possible and avoid adding to growing divorce rate worldwide. More importantly, it can also help spare the couple and any children involved from being hurt and traumatized by a sad – and sometimes, ugly – experience.

Three of the top reasons why couples end up divorcing are financial concerns, communication problems, and infidelity.

Financial Concerns

In most situations, misunderstanding and troubles in finances is the main cause for couples to decide on going their separate ways. While many would think that wealth and material things in general should be the last concern in a relationship, it is unfortunate that these are often among the top reasons for divorce. And if you haven’t read stories about couples separating, money and material things also drag divorce cases into lengthy and messy disputes.

Problems with budget like apartment rent, groceries, etc. seem to start small and are often ignored initially. But when the bills pile up, the bickering and the blaming start. Living with another person is a constant effort. If you add to that the stress of failing to make ends meet, conflict will most definitely arise. You won’t set aside time to be with each other anymore, because you’re so busy and anxious about saving and thinking of ways to earn more. Most couples who marry early or marry without having substantial income to live together and start a family usually end up in this problematic situation. But there are also those who are able to cope with challenges like this. And this also doesn’t mean that couples who earn above average income do not separate because of finances.

Another of the finance-related causes of divorce is secret spending. And this one hits couples from all walks of life. Actually, this problem, while common, is already a branch of other deeper problems – lack of communication, existing gambling or addiction problems of one or both parties, etc. Discovery of someone’s spending secretly results into arguments and lack of trust, making the marital problem even worse.

Communication Problems

Lack of communication doesn’t only involve the amount of time that you’ve spent talking to each other. It also means how much of your feelings and concerns you have disclosed to and are constantly telling one another. This becomes extra difficult for people who are by nature not used to expressing their thoughts and emotions.

Differences in points of view are also considered communication issues. Many marriages end up short-lived because of essential issues that they didn’t discuss properly before tying the knot. These issues include having kids and raising them, relocating when necessary, careers, finances, and many others.

Unmet expectations also fall under communication problems. Sometimes, a person has unrealistic expectations about his or her spouse and about marriage. It is usually when these expectations are unknown to the other person that dissatisfaction enters the picture. Resentment and even anger follow.


Marriage is a commitment between two individuals. If one of them chooses to have an affair, the disappointment, distrust, hurt, and all other unhealthy feelings shatter the exclusive relationship. There are instances when the marriage still ends even when the couple patches things up. This is because one person still carries the guilt, while the other has a hard time trusting again.

These are just three of the many reasons why married couples decide to divorce. Knowing and addressing these issues at the earliest opportunity will give the couples a much better chance of saving their marriage.

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