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The Most Commonly Requested Freelance Copywriting Jobs

There are many different copywriting services required by people for their websites or certain aspects of their businesses. The most frequently requested services that businesses usually look for are those related to public relations and marketing.  Usually, what business owners want is for people to visit their website and buy their product or sign up for whatever they are offering. This is why it can be said that a good copywriter’s success is measured by the number of conversions that result from his or her services. Here is a list of the services that directly or indirectly lead towards this outcome.

Basic Copywriting Services

In order to be worthy of the name copywriter, there are some basic services that a writer needs to master. This is what marks the difference between writing plain copy and transforming text into powerful words that work for the client.

SEO Web Copy

A good copywriter knows how to turn ordinary text into successful SEO web copy. This means knowing and applying the correct formula in using keywords that attract search engines and direct traffic to the client’s website. This entails being sensitive to what your client’s prospective customers need then balancing these needs with the workings of search engines. To do this, you need to keep abreast of market changes, consumer trends and alterations in search engines.

Online and Offline Brochures

Creating good brochures both online and offline is definitely one of the most sought after services today. A good brochure needs to be attractive, easy to read and clear about what the company or institution is offering. It must provide the necessary information to sell the company to its clients. Online, this clarity means people will respond and sigh up or buy a product because they know it is there and they feel that the copy has helped them find what they need. While you are at it, do create a brochure for yourself.

Case Studies

Many organizations and companies have successful experiences that they want to make known to their public. In addition, these stories strengthen their credibility and generate sales. A good copywriter must know how to work with clients to put together a case study that will be objective and acceptable to readers – one that does not sound like a paid testimonial. Learn how to do the necessary research and find the writing style that would be appropriate for this.

Press Releases

One of the copywriting services that businesses often need is the having press releases made for them. Press releases are picked up by national papers, industry bulletins and bloggers – when they are good enough. Good press releases are informative and interesting and for best exposure they should be both SEO and SMO.


Learn how to make newsletters for your clients. This is one way they can let the world know how things are going in the company and what relevant developments are taking place. Newsletters should become an intrinsic part of your client’s marketing strategy. As such, newsletters should contain compelling articles, answers to frequently asked questions, coupons and all the information that your client’s public needs in order for them to maximize their use of your client’s services.

Studies, White Papers and Reports

Many companies and institutions need a good copywriter who can make documents for them based on research and actual facts. The difference between an ordinary researcher-cum-writer and a copywriter who does this is that over and above the research and writing, the copywriter is able to make the white paper visible to the online world and to other venues as well. Quality work in this instance is characterized by evidence, factual illustrations of the topic and any trends or discoveries involved, appropriate use of charts and other visual aids and interviews.

Other Services

There are other services that you can offer your clients. Among these would be editing, proof reading, ARS (Automatic Response systems) and web content writing. It really all depends on which services you are most comfortable with because you can start with those and expand later. Meanwhile, perform for yourself the same services that you would do for your clients. Use your skills to create a good webpage (or several), make yourself an online brochure and show off samples of your work. If people know you are there; if they know what you can do for them and they know how to find you, they will surely ask for the services you can provide.

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