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How to Train for the Olympic Triathlon

Are you a fanatic of watching an Olympic triathlon? The triathlon debuted in the Olympics in Sydney in the year 2000. Triathlon is a sport where athletes perform three sports uninterruptedly that include swimming, biking and running. The Olympic distance in triathlon is made up of a 1.5-kilometer swim, a 40-kilometer bike ride, and a 6-kilometer run. The Olympic distance for triathlon is also generally known as an international-distance, short-course triathlon, or standard-course.

A triathlon is a kind of sport that can test a person’s overall endurance during the race. This is the reason why instead of simply watching the triathlon in the Olympics, you should try to participate and train like Olympic triathlon participants. Discussed below are simple guidelines on how to train for a triathlon.

How to Train like Olympic Triathlon Participantstraithlete competing in Geneva in the cycling event

• Warming up – The first step in every training regimen for a triathlon is to do a complete sprint that composes of biking, running and swimming. On the first try, it does not necessary require one to fully give their best. Keep in mind that this will only give you a better idea and feel about the world of triathlon. Many people desire to complete a triathlon but very few do so.

• When you are familiar with the flow of the triathlon, slowly add distance during the practice. Make sure to increase the training distance or increase the total time little by little each week. This allows your body to be conditioned and ready for real triathlon competitions. Slowly increasing the pace can prevent over training injuries. In addition, do not forget to conduct rest periods to prevent fatigue. It is recommended to allocate at least two days of rest to allow healing of the muscles.

• Olympic triathletes gradually test their skills to see where they are at with their training. To become more committed and passionate about this sport, it is recommended to try and register for different races that have the same Olympic distance triathlon rules. These mock races can help you test your training skills. One will also have a gauge on how much you improved during your first triathlon sprint compared to the next. You can also strengthen your overall confidence through experiencing these different triathlon events.

• If you want to posses the skills of a triathlete as seen in the Olympics, it is important to master the smooth transition; this is covered by Brick workouts. Brick workouts are one of the fundamental transition techniques required in triathlon. It is a combination of two disciplines, which allows a person to change pace with minimal or no interruption in between the race. For example, changing running to biking or biking to swimming requires a transition strategy to prevent wasted time during the triathlon race and a brick workout can assist you to improve your transition.

• Selecting proper hydration and nutritional products must be practiced. Testing new kind of hydration and nutritional products during the triathlon race events may cause stomach problems and can hinder the overall performance needed during the race. To prevent this possible dangerous situation, only use hydration and nutritional products that your body is familiar with.

• Conduct a workout plan and this schedule must be properly observed. Triathlon in general is difficult concerning training or in actual race events. Do not forget to allocate appropriate time each day for training; this activity must be a priority especially when the triathlon is a few weeks away.

Instead of just watching the Olympic triathlon participants on TV, try to be a part of such amazing sport. To help you get started discussed above are some guidelines how to train like an Olympic triathlete pro.

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