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The Three Prerequisite Levels Of Paramedic Courses

There are many noble jobs for those individuals who want to save lives especially during chaotic or emergency situations. There will always be times when simple accidents or emergencies occur. One of the many jobs that risk their limbs or lives by saving others are certified medical professionals especially paramedics.

Paramedics are individuals who are equipped to serve other people who need their services during life threatening situations. The working hour of a paramedic may be longer or irregular compared to other occupations. However, the rewards of helping other people during emergencies are greatly fulfilling.

For some reason, there are individuals who are determined to render care and quality service to other people. This is the reason why many community colleges are welcoming those aiming individuals to become paramedics. Before becoming a certified paramedic, a person must attain and pass all the prerequisite levels of paramedic courses. These courses are the stepping-stones to attaining not only a title but also to helping people during emergencies. People who are interested to pursue this career path must enroll in paramedic courses that are widely offered all over the country.

Level 1: Emergency Medical Technician Basic

The first level of a paramedic course is EMT-basic. The main goal of this course is to prepare individuals for medical emergencies through applying basic medical procedures on the scene that includes stabilization and ambulance transport.

EMT-basic also helps the students to assess and use different medical tactics in saving their patient’s life necessary during emergency cases. Airway management, traumatic care managements, patient extraction form damaged vehicles, and such are some basic lectures in EMT-basic.

These level courses are developed for those individuals seeking to start their career in enhancing their healthcare professional employment opportunities. They can apply at medical emergency departments, municipal and private EMS agencies, urgent care clinics and other health care systems. However, if a person wants to become a paramedic one must proceed to the next level.

Level 2: Emergency Medical Technician Intermediate

The second level of the paramedic course is EMT-intermediate. This course is the mid-training between the basic and preparatory for paramedic course. In this course, students are able to experience emergency fieldwork depending on the required hours of the learning or training institutions. It assists individual to enhance their basic knowledge and sharpen their skills during fieldwork where they apply everything they have learned from lectures and demonstrations regarding basic life support and other medical procedures.

Same as the first level, a person must be good in written and practical examination to be able to advance into the course of paramedic. Take into consideration that the method of examinations may differ depending on the state.

Level 3: Emergency Medical Technician Paramedic

The third level of the paramedic course is EMT-paramedic. In this course, the students are taught to reassess and refresh all of the basic principles that they have learned in the previous course and move to more advanced medical lectures and procedures.

Advanced knowledge, skills, and training are the top priority of this course. It also molds students to respond to emergencies with a swift and precise approach in conducting health care intervention that must not put the patient in undue risks.

Students in this level are given the opportunity to work with certified professionals inside and outside the ambulance. This assists them to develop and enhance not only their skills and knowledge but also their responsibilities and confidence as one of the future paramedics.

After passing the course, it is important to pass the national licensing examination for paramedic to be able to start helping and saving other lives during emergencies.

Paramedic profession is one of the cavalier jobs. So, if you are a person planning to enter the field of paramedics, give these three prerequisite levels of paramedic courses a shot.

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