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What Gallery Of Pencil Portraits Offers

The world is a colourful place to be in. It is extremely difficult to think of it without colors. But, this impossibility is permanently captured in pencil portraits passionately sketched by adept hands to imprint the human face in its various expressions on a canvas. This and many other images are to be found in any gallery of pencil portraits that showcase the works of excellent artists who present the world with their own version of life without colors.

In any gallery of pencil portraits, the artist features his art works for sale, describes them in a short history, provides other artists with free drawing tips and inspires the world to look at their subjects in another perspective. A gallery is a good site to display an artist’s collection and it is the place where people flock in search of the finest work that they can be sure of quality and dedication put in every single work. Nowadays it is easier to find art works by exploring the Internet for it thrives with numerous galleries where art lovers can simply place their orders online.

Types of Portraits in Gallery of Pencil Portraits

Making a pencil portrait is the belaboured process of capturing the different facial and body characteristics of people. The art can be traced back to ancient times when monarchs commissioned their own artists to capture their images on drawing surfaces. From this self-aggrandizing era, the art has evolved throughout history as it embraces different influences from movements and styles of the past. The fusion of all these inspirations are what shaped the most common types of portraits we can find in today’s galleries.

• Individual Portraiture – It is capturing the image of a single person in a portrait. This is usually how the elite and powerful people want to preserve their image for long time posterity. Regardless of the long hours it takes to capture the essential features, the artist and the subject have to be patient to make sure that an almost perfect resemblance is produced. Generally, the subject is positioned as sitting straight to project an image of authority. While sitting still, his facial features and expressions and the details of his fine clothes are depicted to bring out his personalities. Sometimes an eloquent artist can put an embedded message about the person just like how the Mona Lisa made the world wonder what lies behind those smiles. Other poses include side view sitting position to get a good silhouette of the model or the standing position to capture the entire body elements of the subject.

• Group Portrait – Unlike the solo portrait, group portraiture is depicting more than one individual in a preferred setting. In the past, group portraits are done by artists to record the state of affairs between and among a group of people. While it can take longer to finish, a group portrait is effective in conveying the relationship between all the persons depicted in the portrait. A good artist can capture each individual gestures, expressions and clothing in equal rendering of pencil strokes and shadings. People who usually pose for a group portrait are families, couples, friends, colleagues and others who share a common interest. Group portraits can be done by having all the subjects pose in one sitting or asking them to sit individually for the artist to adeptly put them together in one single setting.

• Self-Portrait – Making a self-portrait is more challenging than drawing another person’s image. While it can be a good way to hone the artist’s skill, it is also a mean to explore his own self and discover his facial or body features which have not been noticed before. Many artists in the past became famous for their own self-portrait by intriguing the world with how they portrayed themselves. Aside from preserving their images, they became successful in drawing attention upon them by effectively capturing the right facial expression. Artists can also be playful in choosing the images to depict themselves as a far cry from the truth of being opulent, spiritual or social conformist to bring out the opposite mirror of the message.

A gallery of pencil portraits captures a wide cross-section of people in different expressions and gestures. Visiting any of these art sites can give you an idea which fine work of art to occupy the well-appointed space in your wall or you can commissioned the artist to create your own portrait. It is a more expressive legacy to bequeath to the family and the world long after you are gone.

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