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What You Need To Learn From A Pencil Portrait Tutorial

Today’s life is becoming easier, thanks to computer technology and other digital gadgets that make things more possible to be accomplished, including portraiture. But, regardless of the convenience that these modern amenities offer, true artists, whether professional or amateur, still prefer traditional drawing and painting than digital sketching. However, they cannot totally deny or disregard the advantages of using the digital technology in advancing their knowledge and skills from the pencil portrait tutorial that thrives in the Internet.

Normally, a pencil portrait tutorial is a rich source of drawing techniques and methods that can be learned even within the comforts of home. Artists who want to learn more can choose the level they want to gain knowledge on theories, color processing, shapes, perspective, proportion and get useful tips that can help them improve their craft.

What to Learn from the Different Types of Pencil Portrait Tutorial

• Beginners’ Tutorial – This type of tutorial is recommended for budding artists who are catching up with the latest trends or making up for lost lessons. A tutorial for beginner has methodical steps to improve their skills starting from how to choose the right reference picture. Oftentimes, using the wrong picture can produces unimpressive results that discourage a beginner to pursue an in-depth study to hone his craft. But, with beginners’ tutorial, any struggling artist can learn how to draw quickly without experiencing neophyte frustrations since he has acquired the knowledge to select fitting pictures as reference.

• Colored Pencil Tutorial - Using colored pencils to create a portrait is different from using graphite pencils. In basic colored pencil tutorial, general concepts and techniques are introduced to guide the student how to work well with the colored medium. Other topics deal with the layering and crosshatching of pencil strokes to gradually blend the colors and build them up without overpowering the dark, bold tones. While this type of tutorial usually deals on the technical aspect of portraiture, there are also helpful tips to guide and remind the student on the proper care of essential drawing tools.

• Pastel Pencil Tutorial – Pastel pencils are good mediums to be used for portraiture because apart from their soft quality, they are easy to blend and can be sharpened to any desired point. They are easy to use with pastel sticks or blocks and work well with almost any kind of pastel paper or board. Pastel pencil tutorials are greatly recommended to artists who are still dabbling with the pastel way of art. They are also intended for those who are in search of a medium that requires little mixing of colors without having to invest on brushes.

• Pop Art Pencil Tutorial – Pop Art is any artwork that combines the methods of commercial art and popular illustration. Pop art portraiture can be created using standard drawing tools such as graphite or colored pencils or the more modern implements like a laptop with computer-aided software. Most pop art drawing tutorials consist of the most basic step-by-step pointers in creating graphic image in pop art style. This includes drawing the face outline from the reference picture similarly to how it is done using the traditional drawing pencils.

• Mixed-Media Tutorial – Pencil portraits painted in combination with other medium such as watercolours really looks well. Pencils and watercolours work well together. When layered and blended, together they produce rich texture and color that make a work of art truly outstanding. There are different applications and techniques to be learned from any mixed-media tutorial, among them topics on layering and thinning watercolours to produce radiant colors as well as information on the use of masking fluid.

Creating a portrait becomes uncomplicated with the availability of pencil portrait tutorial that features lessons and offers other information on portrait making. It only needs one to have patience in exploring the hidden world that these tutorials intend to bare open to the eyes of any portrait artist. Once knowledge is gained and with continuous inflamed passion to create masterful portrait, the ardent artist can soon capture the true semblance of the human face on a canvas.

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