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What Is Restaurant Management All About

By Andrew Wilson

Andrew Wilson

People who have basic knowledge of what is restaurant management all about may have learned that it is a profession that is engaged in handling the operational aspects of a dining establishment. If you are one of those who are thinking of starting a career in the restaurant industry, you need to know more about how to run a food business.

There are several restaurant management styles that can be adjusted to the leadership strategy of the operator or the manager. While there is the autocratic or permissive management style, another method that combines both can be used. Regardless of which style to be used, it is extremely important for managers to possess certain abilities that can ideally characterize what is restaurant management all about.

Different Styles of Restaurant Management

  • Instructional Management. This style of management is required if the restaurant has employees that need supervision or guidance in discharging their functions. The presence of the manager is always demanded to provide instructions to employees who do not have adequate knowledge or experience in performing the task assigned to them.
  • On Hand Participatory Management. This is a useful leadership style that is applied when employees assigned to do a certain task need the management support. Although the task may not be difficult and needing less guidance, the manager steps in to provide the crucial moral support by taking part in completing the job. The employees may regard this as the willingness on management side to help them get through difficulties.
  •  Tutorial Management. This is a management style implemented when employees have already been sufficiently trained but still need guidance to properly execute their duties. There are situations when employees have undergone some training yet they lack comprehension how to apply their knowledge. Tutorial management involves being with the employees to teach them the detailed procedures on how to go about in their tasks.
  • Entrusting Management. When the situation requires no guidance or support, management is able to entrust tasks to qualified staff. The management is confident that the employees can be trusted upon to deliver the tasks satisfactorily. While this can boost their self-worth, employees are certainly aware of their responsibilities and accountabilities thus they are more inclined to perform according to expectations.
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Knowing what is restaurant management and the challenges that confront a manager in the daily operation of the business demand that he stays up on his toes. Being a manager requires him to be adequately informed on the trends to catch and to be careful with the pitfalls. Just like in any business, disregarding problems can become a total disaster if not given early attention. It is important to look for solutions that can possibly transform difficult situations into golden opportunities.

It is always best to refer to the original plan when the restaurant has set off for operation. Have an evaluation if it is running its course. A restaurant business can be tricky because it can give false assumptions that are not there. Always monitor the sales if it is hitting the target level. Have a grasp of the customer base, if they are frequent visitors or one time diners only. If you know the answers to these questions you may probably know what is wrong with the establishment. Review what is missing or lacking in the plan. It is hard to miss the obvious weak areas.

Being educated on what is restaurant management and how it can be developed to a management style that is suitable to the conditions that exist in the establishment is a task that belongs to managers. Running a restaurant required dedication and hard work. It can be disheartening to see a downward trend. However, in the restaurant business, a simple twist in the menu can suddenly perk the discriminating taste of the dining crowd.

It is important (for the manager) to look for solutions that can possibly transform difficult situations into golden opportunities.

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