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How Get Your Ex Back After Youve Been Dumped

So, you have gone through a break up recently and now you want to know how to get your ex back. If so, then you are not alone. There are all kinds of statistics as to whether it's the male or female who is most likely to call off a relationship, but does it really matter in the end? Nope. Not if you have just been on the bad side of a split. It happens. Who cares who broke up with who? You just want to get your ex back, right?

You can take some comfort in knowing that countless others have been in the same position. Your feelings are still real, and very valid. But you can benefit from the endless number of other couples who broke up. The thing is that not all of them stayed broken up. A lot of them were able to work things out and be happier than ever. In fact, it's safe to say that better than 90% of all relationships could be saved if people would follow the right steps and be willing to do whatever it takes.

And that's the first question: are you willing do whatever it takes? If so, then read on as you will discover some tips to help you get your ex back. However, it's only fair to warn you that it won't always be easy. Possible, but not easy. But I would rather be up front about so you can be prepared, then to sugar-coat and have you be let down later.

You need to end all communication with your ex. This may sound strange, especially if you know a good long talk would convince your ex to take you back. Well, you're right, it very well could, but not yet. Both of you need some time to work things out on your own before you can work them out together. So, no emails, no texting, no phone calls, and no running into them "accidentally". You should do this for two to four weeks if you want it to work properly.

Once you have taken enough time, you can contact your ex. However, you're still not ready to have that heart-to-heart talk. You still need to take things slow at this point. If you go in too quickly, and too fervently, you may come on too strong and that could scare off your ex. That's why the purpose of this initial contact is to simply set up a time and place for the two of you to talk to each other in person. This isn't a date, so don't treat it like one. Also, this first meeting should be respectful and low-key. Your goal is to be able have another meeting with your ex, then another...and so on. Then, over time you and your ex will be talking and you will eventually be able to talk about getting back together. Of course this will take time, but it is an effective way of doing it. If you want to speed up the process, then there are plenty of resource that can help you do just that.

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