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New business, product or service everything requires visibility, awareness in order to come into the view. After coming into the view then it requires a proper marketing to grab people’s attention. When the marketing is done in a proper way it starts grabbing people’s attention. And once a customer likes the product/service another way of marketing is added automatically called “Mouth Publicity”. Mouth publicity is generally done by customers which is the most finest and powerful way to drive your product/service since their publicity is only done based on a satisfaction level. This way your business goes on expanding.

Now to reach at the stage of mouth publicity first you need to make people aware by doing proper marketing. There are many ways to market your product/service or business, however, the best way to do that is via internet. Looking at today’s era the way internet is being used; it has become the significant source of every field where from a student to a business man is involved. In internet marketing, there are also distinct ways. One of them is Social bookmarking service.

Social bookmarks the word itself pertains to social networking sites. What happens is; a company’s account is created on social networking sites that organize, store, manage and search for bookmarks of a resource online. These accounts are connected to a professional business social communities and social groups where a ton of small and giant companies are interconnected to each other. Social bookmarking defers from a company to a company the quality social bookmarking makes your bookmark SEO friendly – A better Google position.  Basically there are two types of social bookmarking, Do-follow social bookmarking and No-follow social bookmarking.

Do-follow social bookmarking
it is a process that consists of the link generation which helps to boost your website ranking in major search engines. No-follow social bookmarking it’s just a process of populating a link. Links are saved on the web page to share with others. Bookmarks are visible to all users on social networking site; however, it can also be set as a private network and can only be shared with few groups, people or private domains.


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